garage door repair service
garage door repair service

#1 Garage Door Repair Service in Ontario - Certified Techs

Garage door repair is a service property owners require when their garage door suffers a malfunction leaving their home or business vulnerable to intruders, theft, or inclement weather. When people in Ontario need garage door repair service, then call our experts because we offer the best speedy service at an affordable price. Our garage door repair Ontario company is the most loved in the city because:

  • We guarantee the lowest prices in Ontario on all repairs.
  • Our techs make 24/7 service calls.
  • We have proper license and certification.
  • All crew members have passed rigid background checks.
  • We dispatch professional, courteous technicians.
  • FAST arrival time (30-60 minutes from time of call).
  • Best Customer service in Ontario.
  • FREE 25-point inspection included on all calls.

Your garage isn’t just a place where you store items and park your car; it is an interior part of your home and access way to your family. When your garage door won’t close your home and everything in itGarage Door Repair Service 3 is vulnerable. For low prices on garage door repair service in Ontario give us a call, and secure your home at an affordable price!

What Should I do When My Garage Door Won’t Close?

If your garage door won’t close you should first rule out mechanical causes by performing a simple inspection. First, make sure the remote has fresh batteries. Then check the track to see if an object is wedged in causing blockage. You should also check the garage door opener to make sure the ‘vacation mode’ isn’t active. Ensure that electricity is flowing to the garage door opener. If it is making a beeping sound then this likely means it is running off its battery power, and sometimes the battery won’t send enough power to the device to let it work properly.

You should also check to make sure there isn’t a short in the circuit board. If you try activating the door and you hear a grinding sound, there is likely a problem with the garage door opener motor, or some other parts. Give our garage door repair Ontario experts a call and we will uncover the culprit and triage the door in no time!

Who do I Call for Garage Door Service in Ontario?

When you need garage door repair service in Ontario for residential or commercial repairs, call our experts because we have serviced thousands of various garage doors for more than a decade.  Some of the most common issues we encounter include:

  • Garage door off track.
  • Broken garage door springs.
  • The opener needs replacement.
  • Garage door cables have damage.
  • Garage door motor needs repairs.
  • Damaged rollers.
  • Electrical problem.

Whether you have a large steel door, a custom glass door, or some massive industrial monster door, our garage door repair Ontario pros can fix the problem. Then, we come with a truck stocked full of spare parts, new parts, and all the tools imaginable to guarantee we get the job done on our first and only visit. Give us a call today and let our skilled team give you the best garage door repair service in Ontario!